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What Are Commercial Window Films?

Commercial window films (also called opaque or one-way privacy films) are coatings applied to windows in businesses. They control light and improve energy efficiency.  Not to mention, commercial window tinting in Portland serves many other purposes in businesses around the metropolitan area.

With glass storefronts and floor-to-ceiling conference rooms, privacy can sometimes feel like an elusive luxury. That’s where our frost tints come in. They allow natural light to pass through while providing 24-hour privacy. That helps you obtain an open concept without sacrificing confidentiality. 

As your commercial privacy window film installer, we’ll first identify how much privacy you’re trying to obtain. Then, we’ll tailor a solution to your needs and budget. When you need the best commercial window tinting in Portland (especially for privacy), we are here to help! Reach out today for a free quote.

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Benefits of Commercial Privacy Window Films | Portland, OR

Both frost and solar window films can be privacy window films. Solar window films don’t provide 24-hour privacy, but they do provide sun control and eco-friendly benefits. Learn more about solar window film.

Combined, frost and solar window film can provide these types of benefits:


Professionally installed window films give your building an upscale look you can be proud of.

Sun Control

Too much sunlight can cause fading on interior surfaces. Tints reduce this risk substantially.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Saving

These films improve thermal efficiency, which translates into lower energy bills.


Our premium line of decorative and frosted glazing surface films is the perfect architectural complement for retail stores, schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings. We offer a wide range of textures, patterns, frost, shapes, natural designs, and colors. Whatever your vision, we can make it come to life! You’re only limited by your imagination.

Selecting the Right Window Tint for Your Business

Figuring out which window tint is the right one for your business isn’t as straightforward as selecting a hue you like. When deciding on a window tint for your business, take into account factors such as its location and purpose.

If your storefront is predominantly glass or if you have floor-to-ceiling conference rooms, you might want some privacy without blocking out all light or visibility. A window film with medium opacity, often referred to as standard frost, could be just what you need.

The variety of frost options available lets you customize your level of privacy. Standard frost provides 24-hour seclusion while allowing natural light to flow in, making it perfect for those high-powered meetings in glass-walled conference rooms.

Unsure what you need when it comes to commercial window tinting in Portland? Don’t worry. We can help!

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Installation Process of Commercial Window Tints

After deciding on the right window tint for you, that’s when the installation process starts. The first step in the commercial window tinting installation process is cleaning. The windows must be cleaned well to ensure no dust or debris interferes with the film application. 

Next, we will cut and apply the window film. This involves placing the cut film on your window surface carefully, making sure there are no large bubbles trapped beneath it. Last but not least comes drying time. Patience is key here. Allow enough time for the adhesive in your new window tints to dry fully before using them as normal again. Keep in mind these times may vary slightly depending on the type of frost film.

Maintenance and Care for Commercial Window Tints

Below are some recommendations to help your window films last as long as possible.

Cleaning Your Window Tints

The first rule is to clean gently. You don’t want to use abrasive tools or harsh chemicals that could hurt the film. We suggest using soft, lint-free cloths and soap and water, waiting until at least 30 days after installation to start cleaning it.

Preventing Damage

Damages aren’t just unsightly. They affect the functionality of your tint, too. Avoid sticking decals or suction cups on them as these can leave hard-to-remove residues or even pull off parts of the film when removed. Also, be sure to take extra caution with sharp objects near tinted windows because scratches are usually permanent.

Tackling Discoloration and Bubbling

Do you have bubbles under your tint or maybe some discoloration? These might be signs that you need professional help. Window film generally has a lifespan of around 20 to 25 years, so if your tints are nearing this age or showing these symptoms, it might be time for replacement.


Do the one-way privacy films provide privacy when it’s dark outside?

Privacy window films only provide privacy during the day, not the night. They are also tinted, so they will darken the windows slightly from the interior.

What is the best option for 24-hour privacy?

If you’re looking for 24-hour privacy, we recommend frost.

Will the window film affect my plants?

No, the window film will not impact your plants.

How do I choose the right type of tint for my business?

Your selection should be based on specific requirements, like place, kind of business, and the amount of privacy desired.

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